Dental Bridges

Are you missing a tooth—or two or three teeth in a row? This experience can be frustrating, uncomfortable, or even painful. It might be on your mind a lot, especially when you’re talking to someone else, eating, or having your picture taken.

A dental bridge can replace a missing tooth or teeth. When your bridge is completed and bonded in place, it will look like a natural part of your smile. That empty tooth socket will be filled with a new tooth, and you’ll be able to smile, talk, and eat naturally again.

If you’re struggling with a missing tooth, call Tower Dental in downtown Seattle. Get back to eating the foods you need and getting better nutrition. Don’t let that empty tooth socket get damaged or infected. Call now.

How Does a Dental Bridge Work?

A dental bridge is an appliance that holds a replacement tooth (or teeth) between two crowns, which are attached to teeth on either side of the socket.

If you need a dental bridge to support a new tooth, we will:

  1. Craft the replacement tooth from a top-quality material like porcelain in the right color and shape to look great in your smile.
  2. Put the new tooth in a bridge that also includes tooth crowns on both sides of the new tooth.
  3. Place the end crowns over your natural teeth on either side of the socket, holding the whole bridge in place.
  4. Bond the dental bridge in place so that you can chew normally, brush your teeth, smile, and speak just like you would normally.

Another part of the process is to prepare the teeth on either side of the empty tooth socket. These teeth need to be somewhat reshaped so that they can accept the tooth crowns and bond with them. This requires a short procedure.

When the bridge is in place, we’ll check that it looks aesthetically pleasing in your smile. You can let us know if you need anything else or have any questions. We’ll also give you instructions on how to recover from the procedure successfully.

Reasons To Get a Dental Bridge

There are a few different methods to restore a tooth, and a dental bridge might be the right one for you. If so, your dentist will recommend a bridge while also mentioning your other options. Here are a few advantages of dental bridges:

  • Natural Chewing and Eating: When your bridge is bonded in place successfully, you’ll feel that it’s part of your natural row of teeth. You’ll be able to eat your regular diet and won’t need to avoid any particular foods.
  • Dental Health Protection: When you’re missing a tooth, the teeth around it can slowly migrate toward the empty socket, sometimes getting worn or crooked in the process. A bridge can stop all these problems before they have time to develop.
  • Better Oral Hygiene: An empty tooth socket can be a breeding ground for bacteria, and is difficult to clean. A dental bridge can cover and protect the gum, reducing your risk of gum disease and infections.
  • Improved Social Interactions: You may feel more distracted or less confident in your social interactions when there is a large gap in your smile. A bridge will restore that smile—and your confidence!

We sincerely want you to have a full smile that you’re proud of and to be protected from unplanned tooth movements. A dental bridge can improve your health and protect you from potential problems in the future.

Contact Tower Dental for a Restorative Dental Bridge

If you are missing one or several teeth in a row, a dental bridge can replace it or them. Imagine the relief of no longer having that gap in your smile, being able to chew normally, and not being distracted by a dental problem during social interactions!

Call Tower Dental for an appointment today. We’ll help you explore your tooth restoration options, including bridges and implants.

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