Are you experiencing challenges with a significant number of your teeth? Have some been extracted? If you need a partial or full set of new teeth, our top-quality dentures can replace your teeth, give you a confident smile again, and let you eat the foods you enjoy. Dentures may even help you speak better.

Why Should You Receive Dentures at Tower Dental?

Have you tried other dentures and been dissatisfied? Do they slip too much? Are they inconvenient? At Tower Dental, we can help you try a different type of dentures that better meet your needs.

While our dentures are state-of-the-art, we only use materials that are proven to be compatible with the human body, protecting your overall health.

If you have lost teeth because of aging, an accident, tooth decay, or other reasons, we have a variety of types of dentures to cover any need. Tower Dental is known as an upscale, refined dental office in the Seattle area. You’ll get the service that you deserve here.

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Types of Dentures

After your dentist examines your teeth, jawbones, overall oral health, and other factors, we will give you our recommendation for your specific denture needs. There are several options available, but we will help you narrow it down and give a candid opinion that is tailored to your needs and health.

Traditional Dentures (Full or Partial)

Standard dentures attach temporarily to your gums while you are wearing them, usually by using denture adhesive. Full dentures are used to replace a full row of teeth. Partial dentures are customized to work with your existing teeth, fitting around them to complete your smile, protect your gums, and let you chew normally again. They can be taken out for cleaning.

Implant-Supported Dentures (Full)

This type of denture is attached securely to dental implants (titanium tooth roots bonded to the jawbone) instead of resting on the gums. Some patients prefer them if their gums don’t make a secure seal with traditional dentures. This way, they avoid denture slippage. You can brush these dentures in your mouth just like natural teeth.

Implant-Supported Dentures (Partial)

If you’re only missing some teeth and still have a significant number of remaining healthy teeth, partial dentures are a good fit. They will also require fewer implants to support the denture, and require less material to construct. Also, compared to the cost of placing individual implants for each missing tooth, a single appliance will cost less.

Temporary Dentures

When you are waiting for your final dentures to be crafted, we can supply you with a temporary denture. This is made from an initial scan of your teeth, gums, and jaw. It may snap into place on your top arch or sit on the bottom arch. It will help you eat and will be removable for cleaning.

Whatever type of dentures you select, we will customize the color and other qualities of the replacement teeth and other features (such as gums) to look great in your smile. They should not only help you chew and speak better but also make you more confident in your ability to interact with others.

Denture Maintenance and Examinations

Maintaining your dentures is similar to maintaining a vehicle. If you regularly have your oil changes and tires rotated, you will be safer and save money.

Similarly, if you keep a regular exam schedule with Tower Dental, we will check that your dentures are working well. If your dentures are experiencing any problems, we can catch them early. Again, this could save you money and hassle, and keep you healthier.

Everyone needs a regular dental checkup about twice per year. But we often need to check on dentures once per year to ensure that:

  • The tissues and jawbone under your dentures are healthy.
  • Your oral tissues as a whole are healthy and cancer-free.
  • Your dentures fit right and work well.

We can also quickly adjust your dentures as needed and give them a professional cleaning. We can also answer any questions about what you can do at home to keep your dentures in good working order.

Get Your Denture Options at Tower Dental

We are very glad to help those in our community who have lost some or all their teeth. We want to give you the full ability to chew, smile, speak, and feel confident again. Please contact Tower Dental in Seattle today for an appointment.

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