Orthodontics in Seattle

Would you be excited to have a straighter, more beautiful smile? Would a better smile help you at work or in social settings? Then you may benefit from orthodontics permanently improving the positions of your teeth and the movement of your bite. It might even improve the shape of your jaw and face.

If you have been reluctant to get braces previously, the SureSmile orthodontic system we offer is designed for you! It uses precise, computer-enhanced planning to shave months off of a typical treatment time while reducing the number of adjustments and discomfort needed.

The SureSmile system is not like the braces of the past. We can now use the best that technology can offer to shorten your treatment time and improve your results, all while making you more comfortable during the process!

How Does SureSmile Work?

We start this process with a clear picture of your completed smile and a detailed plan to get there. You can even see a preview of your finished smile, if you want to increase your motivation. There are two key elements to understanding how SureSmile works:

Scanning and Modeling

The team at Tower Dental will use an advanced computer-controlled scanning system to build a 3D map of your teeth and the bone, nerves, muscles, and tissues around your teeth, along with the way each tooth root is connected to the jaw.

This thorough modelling means that we can plan for the exact movements of your teeth in advance. We can predict any problems that would have come up with traditional braces that might otherwise have required many adjustments and false starts. We know how each tooth will interact with other teeth during their journey.

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Faster Results for Busy Lives

We know that few people want to be in braces for very long. You want to get a great smile and move forward. Well, SureSmile can cut treatment time compared to traditional braces by about a third. That can mean your straightening treatment is done up to eight months sooner.

What makes SureSmile so fast is the strategy and the technology involved in the process. We run multiple computer simulations of your entire treatment plan until we find the one with the fastest results. Then the customized archwire applies the right forces to carry out the plan without needing a change of plans halfway through.

SureSmile also requires fewer in-office appointments. You’ll have more time to get your work done, relax with your family, practice your hobbies, and more! We will only see you as much as is truly necessary.

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Do you need a straighter smile on a shorter schedule? It only makes sense to take just the amount of time necessary on orthodontics and no more. The SureSmile system can fit into your schedule and meet your needs for a beautiful new smile that will last a lifetime.

A great smile can make you more confident and healthier at the same time. An improved bite will make your teeth last longer, because they won’t wear out from rubbing against each other unevenly, and help you eat the foods you want. Straight, even teeth are also easier to brush and floss.

Contact Tower Dental today for a SureSmile consultation in a cheerful, pleasant environment!

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