Sedation Dentistry

Are you a person who has experienced a high level of anxiety or sensitivity at the dentist in the past? You’re not alone; at least half of all patients in the U.S. experience some anxiety or extra sensitivity related to dentistry.

As you can see it’s normal to need help with dental anxiety, which is why we make sedation dentistry available to any patient who requests it. This makes our dental services more accessible to everyone.

How Can You Relax More Easily at the Dentist’s Office?

Of course, we also help all patients feel as comfortable as possible even without sedation dentistry. We’ll give you a blanket, warm neck pillow, hot towel, water bottle, and other refreshments and amenities. Just ask!

That said, sedation dentistry goes above and beyond a warm neck pillow. It can give you the sense of calm, peace, and relaxation that you most need. If you need sedation dentistry, you can let us know any time, for any procedure or visit. You can email your requests, or even ask a family member or friend to call us and explain your needs.

If you know that you need a dental checkup but are putting it off because of anxiety or past pain, we can help. Our greatest joy is in serving others, and we want to relieve suffering and improve your overall health in holistic ways. The first step towards overcoming dental anxiety is letting us know your needs.

Advantages of Sedation Dentistry

Have you ever tried sedation dentistry? It can be used during any treatment in order to help you feel comfortable. It can also give you these benefits:

Less Anxiety

This is a relief to many patients who have hated visiting the dentist before. After sedation dentistry their anxiety seems to just disappear, leaving them calm and relaxed. Some patients even forget their visit afterwards. We have a few levels of sedation dentistry available, depending on how difficult your anxiety has been in the past.

Improved Health

Preventive dentistry and holistic dentistry can protect and improve your health, stopping bacterial infections, tooth decay, and even damage to other bodily organs. We want you to get these benefits and protect your overall health. A simple preventive exam today is better—with sedation included for better peace of mind.

Less Pain

Oral sedation and/or laughing gas can relieve pain. Without sedation dentistry, it can be a constant stress and struggle for some patients to resist the discomfort (or fear of discomfort) that they feel during routine visits. Your dentist will always make sure you aren’t experiencing pain during your treatment, which often includes using sedation dentistry techniques.

Don’t Hesitate To Ask for Sedation Benefits

It’s perfectly fine to ask for sedation during any visit, even during a cleaning or checkup. Dental anxiety is normal and understandable, so there’s no need to be embarrassed. We’re happy to supply sedation, because we want to help protect your overall health. Think of this as a mini health retreat where you can be pampered.

Types of Dental Sedation at Tower Dental

There are two options for sedation dentistry at Tower Dental, which offer different levels of sedation:

  1. Laughing Gas: Used and proven since the 1800s, laughing gas is odorless and easy to use; all you’ll have to do is breathe normally through a small mask. It will quickly help you feel comfortable, and will greatly lower your anxiety and sensitivity. After your visit, it will disappear from your system so quickly that you’ll even be safe to drive yourself home.
  2. Oral Sedation: This sedation is in pill form. The medication will take away pain and make you relaxed. While you’ll be conscious and able to interact with our team, some patients mostly or completely forget their visit afterwards. Because oral sedation is generally stronger than laughing gas, you’ll need someone to drive you home after your treatment.

Which Sedation Method is Right for You?

If you only need a little extra help to get you through a routine procedure, we can start you on laughing gas, which will make the visit easier. If you’ve had major trouble with anxiety in the past, though, your dentist may recommend oral sedation.

Chat With Us About Sedation Dentistry

Dental anxiety is very widespread in the U.S. Many of us have experienced dental pain and want to avoid it. That’s perfectly natural, and our team at Tower Dental wants to help!

It’s convenient and simple for us to add sedation to your appointment, and we’ll always supply it with a completely non-judgemental attitude. We want you to be comfortable and healthy with us. Communicate with Tower Dental about your needs and schedule an appointment today.

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