While we promote a holistic approach to dentistry, this does not mean we are old-fashioned. At Tower Dental, we support any method of dental care that will do the most good for your health. We use state-of-the-art technology that can improve diagnoses, plan more successful procedures, make services more convenient and comfortable for you, and much more.

These are some of our favorite technologies:

Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT)

You can think of the CBCT machine as the next evolution of an x-ray scanner. Instead of taking a single, flat image, the CBCT scans around your teeth and jaws to build an accurate, 3D model of the inner workings of your dental structures.

We can use this model to plan dental procedures more thoroughly in advance. For example, the CBCT makes dental implants more successful, because we can pinpoint the strongest areas of the jawbone where an implant should be placed.

The CBCT also makes certain problems and diseases much easier to detect. This gives us the ability to treat them before they have had time to advance.

Intraoral Cameras

An intraoral camera is a video device about the size of an electric toothbrush. We use it to send real-time images and video of the inside of your mouth to a monitor that you and your dentist will both be able to see. The intraoral camera can also magnify these images using lenses, making problem areas much easier to identify.

The intraoral camera can reach further into the mouth than other tools, which helps us detect more than we could with a mirror and the naked eye alone. It can also digitally record the images, which lets us compare images before and after a procedure.

When you can see problems like tooth decay for yourself, this empowers you to make more informed decisions about procedures that will benefit your health.

Dental Laser

This technology creates a beam of concentrated light that can replace a scalpel or other instruments for certain tasks. Without physically touching your gums, a tooth, or a tissue, this light can:

  • Cut the frenulum that causes a tongue-tie.
  • Destroy a gum infection painlessly, while also allowing the gums to naturally regenerate.
  • Prevent a sore from growing.
  • Change the shape of the gums.
  • Cause a dental filling to harden more quickly.
  • Remove a small piece of a tooth that has been damaged.

A dental laser can often detach or shape a tissue without causing pain and with very little bleeding. Patients sometimes just feel a slight warmth, even without anesthetic. Procedures often require fewer stitches than they would when performed with a scalpel—or no stitches at all.

Digital X-Rays

Because traditional x-ray devices used photographic film, they were slower, and required more radiation in order to thoroughly expose the film. Patients had to wait while a technician gradually developed the film.

Today, digital x-ray devices instantly display images of your teeth, jaw, and tissues on a screen in front of you. Digital detectors are more sensitive than film, so they require about 80–90% less radiation.

These digital images are saved in computer files. This makes it much easier to organize your records, and helps us compare images quickly. This can help us track any changes in your dental health, catching potential problems with greater accuracy, as well as letting us zoom in on an area for a closer look.

Call for Advanced Technology at Tower Dental

Dentistry is a science that is constantly developing. Because we’re excited to give you the highest possible levels of service, we engage in continual education to find the technologies that will best contribute to your dental and oral health, as well as your overall physical well-being. Call Tower Dental for an upscale, refined dental experience with our skilled dental team!

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