Teeth Whitening

Everyone enjoys seeing a beautiful, white smile, and owning that white smile feels just as good. While it’s easy to feel self-conscious with a yellowed or stained smile, a white smile makes us feel confident.

Would you like to see a whiter smile in the mirror? Would it help you in your career and/or social life? Do you want a whiter smile for an upcoming event, such as a job interview, date, special occasion, or just day-to-day life?

Call Tower Dental in Seattle to accomplish your smile goals. Professional whitening can lighten your teeth by around 8–10 shades, which makes a major and noticeable difference. Other people may notice it, but you’ll notice it first—and the effect on your confidence and positive attitude can be immediate.

Why Do Teeth Get Darker?

Understanding what causes teeth to darken may help you control their color in the future. More knowledge can help put you in the driver’s seat. Your teeth may have changed color because of:

  • Bacteria: Bacteria create acid that wears out the surface of teeth, causing discoloration. Brushing twice a day can reduce the time that bacteria have to erode tooth material.
  • Absorption: The surface of your teeth is porous enough to hold onto colored molecules from dark foods, drinks, and smoke. When possible, avoid habits that stain your teeth.
  • Prescriptions: Some medications have the side effect of darkening the teeth. Double-check your medications to make sure you’re aware of any side effects.
  • Trauma: An accident can chip or crack a tooth, which sometimes brings a different color to the surface of your tooth.
  • Aging: Time alone has the potential to wear down the first, whiter layer of tooth material, even if you regularly brush and floss your teeth.

While tooth discoloration may seem inevitable, there is hope. Professional tooth whitening can counteract the most common causes of tooth darkening.

How Teeth Whitening Works

Effective teeth whitening products contain powerful whitening agents. Molecules in teeth-whitening gel are absorbed into the porous material of the teeth, where they bond with darker, stain-causing molecules. This neutralizes a significant amount of tooth darkening.

When fewer of those darker molecules are left, your natural tooth color can show much more strongly. This color will gradually get stronger with each treatment—although it can look really great after just one treatment.

At your appointment, we’ll get you comfortable with a blanket, warm neck pillow, hot towel, water bottle, and other amenities. Then, we’ll add the right amount of whitening material into a well-fitted dental tray. You’ll be able to kick back for a little spa time while we make sure that you are getting the full benefits of the whitening treatment!

Advantages of Professional Whitening

Anyone can buy whitening strips at the drugstore, but professional whitening is much more thorough and comprehensive. Your treatment at Tower Dental will be:

  • Personalized: We’ll make sure that the whitening agent and dental tray is fitted correctly  so that it will be concentrated solely on your teeth and not on your gums. Let us know if you have any sensitivity issues, and we’ll adjust to keep you comfortable.
  • Effective: We use only the products that we trust, because we’ve seen them deliver superior whitening results in the past. We use products that will deliver more dependable results than what you could buy over the counter at a store.
  • Cost-Effective: For a reasonable price, we’ll make sure you get plenty of whitening in just one treatment. This is an efficient use of your budget—better than buying and trying various products on your own.

Whitening services are more effective when you have an experienced team that knows the quickest, most effective practices to get you results, as well as the problems to avoid. That’s why teeth whitening works better when you come to Tower Dental in Seattle.

Boost Your Confidence With a Whiter Smile

Knowing that your smile looks better than ever is like putting on our favorite outfit: It will increase your confidence in every situation. Call Tower Dental for a comfortable, spa-like whitening session, and get ready for compliments on your whiter smile!

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