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We can help you achieve a grin that is worthy of the red carpet with beautiful porcelain veneers. Our veneers are sculpted individually for each of our wonderful patients. Your new smile will be unique and built for you!

Veneers are thin porcelain shells that are bonded snuggly to the outward-facing surface of your tooth. While veneers can perfect any smile, they are especially effective at treating teeth that are:

  • Cracked.
  • Chipped.
  • Crooked.
  • Separated by gaps.
  • Stained.

Find solutions to all of these problems and more with porcelain veneers from Tower Dental in Seattle. Contact us today for a consultation to see if veneers are right for you!

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Veneers Can Correct Many Issues

There are many reasons someone might invest in veneers. They are extremely versatile, easy to apply, and completely customizable. This makes them a great choice for addressing any of the following problems:

  • Embarrassment With Your Smile: Many patients feel self-conscious about their smile. If you cover your mouth when you speak and hate to show your teeth, veneers are the treatment for you!
  • Tooth Discoloration and Stains: Tooth stains are very common. Foods like berries, wine, and coffee carry tannins that stick to the enamel of your teeth and cause stains. If you are a smoker or tobacco user, you’re even more likely to have severe staining.
  • Damaged Teeth: Whether because of an accident or from natural wear, sometimes teeth can sustain cracks, chips, and decay. These issues can weaken your tooth and might even be painful.
  • Minor Orthodontic Complications: Teeth that are slightly crooked or spaced just a bit too far apart can be very annoying. They can also contribute to self-conscious smiles. We don’t want any of our patients to have to live with these issues.

Porcelain Veneers Are a Charming Solution

When you take advantage of our dazzling veneers, you will immediately notice a difference in your smile. Because veneers are easily customizable, we can use them to address the problems listed above.

  • Unify Your Smile: Find more confidence when you look in the mirror! With porcelain veneers, you can have a smile that you’re proud of. Speak more comfortably without your hands in front of your face. Enjoy a beautiful new smile!
  • Permanently Whiten Your Teeth: Veneers are stain-resistant. It’s one of the attributes that makes them so fantastic! Not only will they cover up your current stains, but they’ll prevent further staining from happening in the future.
  • Patch Up Broken Teeth: Veneers smooth out the surface of your teeth, eradicating any cracks, breaks, or chips. They create a smooth, white surface that also protects your injured teeth from sensitivity to hot and cold foods.
  • Smooth Out Your Smile: Fill in gaps in your smile with veneers! We can customize them to be slightly wider than your natural teeth so they fill in the gaps and provide a smooth, unified smiling surface.

Choose a Dentist That Stands for Excellence

When it comes to getting your own glamorous smile, you don’t want to trust your care to just anyone. At Tower Dental, your needs come first! Our priority is to form a close working relationship with you so we can understand your needs and goals.

Dr. Radkey and Dr. Moua have spent countless hours in post-graduate training to provide more advanced and accurate services. You can trust them to give you phenomenal care when you choose porcelain veneers at Tower Dental.

A Refined Experience

Join us at our downtown office for a dental experience that will cut into the monotony of everyday life and leave you feeling empowered and heard. Dr. Moua and Dr. Radkey give you extra time during your appointment to make sure they understand your needs and what you’re hoping to get out of your visit.

Experienced Staff

The staff at Tower Dental is full of incredibly talented hygienists, assistants, and receptionists. Each team member was selected for their experience with dental work and their desire to understand and help our patients’ needs.

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Benefits of Porcelain Veneers

At Tower Dental, we offer many treatment options comparable to veneers in function. Crowns can whiten and protect teeth just as easily. Our teeth whitening solution can brighten your smile amazingly well. What makes veneers a great treatment option?

A Beautiful New Smile

For a reasonable price, veneers have the power to create a totally new smile. We can put veneers over all of your front teeth at the same time so that they all match and work together in unity to form a beautiful masterpiece.

Other treatment options could do the same but at a steeper price and with a more complicated process. For a brand new smile, veneers are the treatment of choice.

Dental Solutions That Are Friendly for Your Whole Mouth

We are a holistic dental practice. All of our treatment options are made with the health and safety of the whole body in mind. Any dental appliances offered at Tower Dental will be compatible with your teeth, gums, and the rest of you!

Dental veneers are especially holistic because they require only minimal adjustments performed to your teeth. They use the base structure of the tooth for support and can provide protective and cosmetic advantages.

Never Whiten Your Teeth Again!

Teeth whitening treatments often have to be revisited every couple of years to provide a truly white, sparkling smile. To avoid recurring appointments, you might opt for veneers.

These little porcelain shells cover up the discolored teeth and provide a protective cover that resists the tannins that so easily stain your teeth. Once you have your veneers, you’ll be able to keep your teeth white for longer!

Keep More of Your Tooth’s Structure and Enamel

Some of our treatments require that we remove a large portion of tooth enamel to create a snug fit. For veneers, your teeth only need to be shaped a comparatively small amount.

This shaping allows for the veneers to fit right up against the surface of your teeth and bond well. We intentionally rough up the front of your teeth just a little to create a surface that encourages the veneers to stick fast and for a long time.

Our Veneer Process

The process for receiving veneers may be straightforward, but our team is careful not to fall into a routine. Each patient gets a unique treatment process led by the skills, experience, and ingenuity of our dentists.

Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

When you first decide to pursue veneers, we’ll set a consultation appointment that will involve a dental exam. This exam will help us determine whether veneers will solve the problems you are seeing and if your mouth is healthy enough to sustain them.

Once you decide to move forward with veneers, we’ll draft up a treatment plan that will take into account:

  • What your teeth need.
  • Your dental goals.
  • How quickly you need the procedure done.
  • Your schedule.
  • Your budget.

Tooth Preparation

For your next appointment, we’ll give you a local anesthetic just to make sure you’re comfortable. Next, we’ll gently and expertly shape each tooth needing a veneer. These teeth must be shaved down so your veneers can blend smoothly into the adjacent teeth. This process also helps the veneers bond well so that they’ll last longer.

Veneer Placement

Placing the veneers comes next. Using a strong bonding agent, one of our dentists will place your veneers and allow the bonding to cement them to your teeth. This adhesive is extremely high-quality. Your veneers will remain firmly in place as you move throughout your daily life.

Our Veneers Stand for Excellence

Each step of our porcelain veneer process is planned and executed to help you excel. Our porcelain veneers are stunning and high-quality. Once you leave our office with your new smile, you’ll be able to keep it for years. Everything about our process is designed to give you an outcome you’ll love as long as it lasts.

Porcelain Veneers | Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is the Ideal Candidate for Veneers?

Anyone with a healthy mouth can get veneers. However, they are a great treatment for patients who have cosmetic issues they’d like taken care of. These issues include:

  • Tooth stains.
  • Cracked or broken teeth.
  • Chipped teeth.
  • Gaps between teeth.

Veneers are a marvelous solution to these and other dental problems, but if you’re just generally unhappy with the way your teeth are shaped, veneers can help with that too! They are an extremely versatile treatment.

Why Shouldn’t I Get Porcelain Veneers?

Tower Dental will never try to push treatment on you, especially if it’s not a good fit. Porcelain veneers may not be the best option in the following situations:

  • Missing Teeth: Unfortunately there is one cosmetic problem that veneers can’t fix and that’s teeth that have been knocked out. We do however offer dental implants as a wonderful restorative option for missing teeth.
  • Uncertainty: If you are likely to change your mind about wanting veneers, or are not 100% certain they’re for you, we would recommend choosing a different option. Veneers are permanent and can’t be removed unless they need to be replaced.
  • Unwillingness to Adjust Tooth Enamel: Some patients are attached to their original teeth and we sympathize. If you’d rather not permanently adjust the shape of your teeth, you can try a different cosmetic option.

How Long Will My Veneers Last?

Tower Dental provides high-quality veneers and applies them with advanced services and techniques that go above and beyond the standard. If you take good care of your veneers, they’ll last you as long as a decade.

Tips for Long-Lasting Veneers

  • Brush Your Teeth Often: At least twice a day, give your teeth a good brush. Be sure to brush around your veneers very gently and meticulously.
  • Floss Daily: At the end of the day, floss between your veneers and clear out any excess food or calculus that is collecting in the cracks.
  • Schedule Semi-Annual Dental Visits: We should see you in our office twice a year for a standard checkup and cleaning to make sure your veneers are doing well.

How Much Will Treatment Cost?

Tower Dental caters to the individual. Each treatment process is slightly different, and Veneer treatment costs will vary based on several factors:

  • The number of veneers needed.
  • Whether any prior dental work is necessary.
  • Your insurance company.

Ask your insurance provider if they cover cosmetic services like veneers. If not, ask us about financing options. We hope to make our stunning veneers cosmetic treatments available to everyone.

Can I Get My Veneers Removed?

To place veneers correctly, we must file down the surface of your teeth so your mouth has room for the veneers. Because of this, when veneers are removed, the remaining natural teeth will be smaller and spaced farther apart than before the veneers were removed.

If your veneers fall off, we can replace them easily. To keep their quality and durability, veneers should be replaced every 10–15 years.

Is the Veneer Process Painful?

Your needs and comfort are our number one priority. During the veneer process, there is nothing painful, but the tooth filing and shaping step can be uncomfortable. To counter this, we can offer patients a local numbing agent that will help minimize the discomfort.

If you are feeling any pain or sensitivity post-procedure, please let us know! We want to give you a smile you can be happy about and if we don’t do that at first, we want to make it right.

Let Us Make Your Smile More Excellent

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